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View of the Farm in Summer 2020
About the Farm
Providing the UCCS community with fresh, organic, and sustainably-grown produce since 2013.
Farmhouse event
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Learn more about where your food comes from and what it can do. Follow us at to learn about upcoming events and find out what's new at the Farm.
Person harvesting greens
Volunteer at the Farm
Click on the For Volunteers tab to learn more about how you can get involved - maybe even for class credit!
Group picture of people at the farm.
Take Your Classroom Outside
The Farm is a great teaching opportunity! From philosophy to geography to engineering, the Farm is a unique opportunity to connect your curriculum to practice. Click on the For Educators tab to learn more.
Summer Farm Stand
Farm to Your Table
Join us every summer for the Farm Stand, where you can buy fresh produce and other foods directly from the farmers who grow it. Follow us on Facebook for the whens and wheres!
UCCS Girls Soccer Team helping out at the farm
Grow Your Team
There's always something going on at the Farm! Ask us about opportunities for team-building or other group activities.
Tomato Plants
Tomato Plant Sale
Looking for organically-grown plants for your garden? Join us every May for the annual Tomato Plant Sale! With a large variety of tomatoes, peppers, herbs, and other plants acclimated to Colorado, you're sure to find something. Details on Facebook!
Farm Chickens
The Birds and the Bees
Plants aren't the only things growing at the Farm. Learn how our chickens and bees play an important part of the ecology.
Visit the Farm
Planning an Event?
Fresh garden aromas, open space, and gorgeous views of the mountains... what more do you need? Consider the Farm for your next retreat or event.

The mission of the UCCS Farm is to provide a diversity of nutritious, organically-grown produce used in thoughtful ways to educate the campus community. The campus farm strives to demonstrate sustainable organic gardening methods and ecologically sound land stewardship; and to utilize a variety of innovative as well as traditional farming practices to produce delicious, nutritious organic fruits and vegetables for the UCCS community.



Contact Information

Address: 14 Cragmor Village Road
Phone: (719)-255-4205